The wet conditions at Sandown Park and a field of cars struggling to stay on track didn't help Team Betta Electrical and driver pairings Max Wilson and Paul Radisich, Dean Canto and Yvan Muller.

Things started poorly before the qualifying session for the #88 car with Max Wilson at the wheel. The Brazilian exited from the circuit in Saturday's final practice session, damaging the frontal section of the car and preventing its return to the circuit with Paul Radisich behind the wheel.

"I was disappointed we had problems this morning during practice but at least we are able to make some adjustments now before the race and we can be confident the car will be well prepared for this important endurance race," said Wilson at the end of the day. "Paul and I are both feeling positive about this weekend and are sure we will do well with our combination."

The #888 car with the driver combination of Dean Canto and current British Touring Car champion Yvan Muller also had its work cut out. Muller observed that he was not expecting the weather here in Australia to be so reminiscent of some of the European conditions. "The cars here in this series are very different from those I am used to driving in Europe," said Muller, who drives a front-wheel drive Vauxhall Astra Coupe in the British series. "It has taken me a while to get used to the set up, but I am sure with my driving partner, Dean Canto we can improve on our efforts in practice over the last two days."

The conditions during qualifying meant many cars finished the session off the circuit and into the mud or in some cases managing to dance their way through the mud to get back onto the track. This caused further problems later in the day as the debris from the cars fell onto the track whilst the weather continued to deteriorate.

Both the Team Betta Electrical cars had difficulty in this session and were unable to finish in the Top Ten.

The cars will take their place on the grid for the start of the Betta Electrical 500 Sunday, with car #888 driven by Dean Canto and Yvan Muller in 26th place and Betta Electrical car #88 driven by Paul Radisich and Max Wilson will be at 19th place.

Paul Radisich was philosophical afterwards. "The team will be able to concentrate on ensuring the cars are at their peak for the big race tomorrow now we know our starting positions," he said "We are certainly hoping the weather will clear somewhat by the morning, but if it doesn't, at least we have had time to experience the cars handling today in similar conditions."