Jason Bright secured the best overall result for the Britek-prepared Fujitsu Racing team in the final round of the 2008 V8 Supercar Championship season at Oran Park.

The result didn't come easy for Bright however, as he was forced to deal with steering issues in qualifying and a broken anti-roll bar in the opening race. The Fujitsu Racer then displayed outstanding driving ability in the second race to climb to seventh, despite a damaged Watts Linkage. He maintained his seventh position in the final race.

The seventh place round finish marked the end of a chapter for the Fujitsu Racing squad, which will be prepared by Stone Brothers Racing for the 2009 season, although still entered under the Britek banner.

"That was a tremendous team result," Bright said. "We have been through so many trials and tribulations over two years with me behind the wheel. So today was a great way to close-out this part of the Britek history.

"The thing is, we didn't have the smoothest weekend. However, we met all the challenges and got a result that we really deserved. I'm pleased for our team, our supporters as well as Fujitsu and all our sponsors.

"I can now really start to focus on 2009. The opportunity to race a Fujitsu Racing Falcon and do it with Stone Brothers Racing, but still under the Britek name, is very exciting.

"The opportunity to again work with Jimmy and Ross Stone, plus their outstanding group of people is exciting. I'm pleased to say that some of the current team will be part of 2009.

"Finally a big thanks to everyone who has worked with Britek over the last four years. The dedication of the people who have been with us cannot be underestimated and that has meant a lot to me personally."