SS 9 - Resolfen (46.45 kms): Gronholm fastest through SS9; Rovanpera second; Sainz third; Burns fourth; Loix fifth; Alister McRae sixth; Mark Higgins 11th; Loix broke a shock absorber and lost third and fourth gear; Auriol went off the road; Ferreyros leads Group N; Gronholm leads overall rally by 57.3 seconds.

Stage times and overall standings after SS9:

Top ten stage times for SS9:

1.Marcus GronholmPeugeot 206 WRC25mins 28.1secs
2.Harri RovanperaPeugeot 206 WRC+00mins 06.9secs
3.Carlos SainzFord Focus RS WRC+00mins 18.6secs
4.Richard BurnsSubaru Impreza WRC+00mins 20.7secs
5.Freddie LoixMitsubishi Lancer Evo WRC+00mins 28.8secs
6.Alister McRaeHyundai Accent WRC+00mins 31.5secs
7.Armin SchwarzSkoda Octavia WRC+00mins 33.4secs
8.Kenneth ErikssonHyundai Accent WRC+00mins 34.6secs
9.Neil WeardenSubaru Impreza WRC+00mins 39.8secs
10.Bruno ThirySkoda Octavia WRC+00mins 48.3secs

Overall times after SS9:

1.Marcus GronholmPeugeot 206 WRC1hour 45mins 43.1secs
2.Richard BurnsSubaru Impreza WRC+00mins 57.3secs
3.Harri RovanperaPeugeot 206 WRC+00mins 59.3secs
4.Carlos SainzFord Focus RS WRC+02mins 45.5secs
5.Alister McRaeHyundai Accent WRC+03mins 09.1secs
6.Armin SchwarzSkoda Octavia WRC+04mins 25.3secs
7.Kenneth ErikssonHyundai Accent WRC+04mins 27.0secs
8.Mark HigginsFord Focus RS WRC+04mins 40.7secs
9.Freddie LoixMitsubishi Lancer Evo WRC+04mins 46.3secs
10.Didier AuriolPeugeot 206 WRC+05mins 24.1secs

11.Neil WeardenSubaru Impreza WRC+05mins 43.2secs
12.Bruno ThirySkoda Octavia WRC+05mins 52.0secs
13.Gregoire de MeviusPeugeot 206 WRC+07mins 58.4secs
14.Toshihiro Arai Subaru Impreza WRC+08mins 44.1secs
15.Henning SolbergSubaru Impreza+11mins 18.0secs
16.Ramon FerreyrosMitsubishi Lancer Evo+12mins 35.9secs
17.Kenneth BacklundMitsubishi Lancer Evo+12mins 54.6secs
18.David HigginsSubaru Impreza 555+13mins 12.3secs
19.Sebastien LoebCitroen Saxo VTS+14mins 25.5secs
20.Stig BlomqvistMitsubishi Lancer Evo+15mins 13.8secs

Overall Group N after SS9:

1.Ramon FerreyrosMitsubishi Lancer Evo1hour 58mins 19.0secs
2.Kenneth BacklundMitsubishi Lancer Evo+00mins 18.7secs
3.David HigginsSubaru Impreza 555+00mins 36.4secs

Notable retirements:

SS2.Tommi MakinenMitsubishi Lancer Evo WRCHit a rock.
SS2.Petter SolbergSubaru Impreza WRCFuel pressure problems.
SS2.Piero LiattiHyundai Accent WRCClutch problems.
SS4.Colin McRaeFord Focus RS WRCRolled.
SS4.Gilles Panizzi Peugeot 206 WRCTransmission problem.
SS5.Markko MartinSubaru Impreza WRCEngine problem.
SS8.Roman KrestaSkoda Octavia WRCRolled.