An emotional Carlos Sainz has spoken about the accident that left twelve spectators injured, some seriously, when his Ford Focus left the road on Stage 13 of the Rally of Great Britain.

Ananova report the Spaniard as saying: "The accident came after the crest of a hill. At the braking point it was quite slippery and we went straight and could not stop. We hit a car and then we hit some spectators or marshals, I don't know who they were."

"We immediately realised that people had been injured and advised the team on the radio. The next four hours were not very nice until we realised nothing serious happened and the people involved were not badly injured," said the two times World Champion, who in accordance with British law has been interviewed by Police.

Ford immediately withdrew Sainz from the Rally, even though he was able to finish the stage, when the extent of the spectator injuries became clear, and later withdrew the remaining factory entry of Mark Higgins, who had worked his way up to fifth overall.

Of the 12 spectators' taken to hospital, the most serious are one man with head injuries, another with back damage, while two fans in their early teens have sustained leg injuries.

The remaining eight have minor cuts and bruises. None of those hurt are now thought to be in a life threatening situation.