Journalist Rob Gill of the Sun has tasted rally action with MG this year on rounds of the British championship, and now takes on the challenge of the Network Q Rally of Great Britain in an MG ZR next month. With his MG-liveried Group N specification car bearing obviously allegiance to his paper, we asked Rob about his preparation and hopes for the event.

You've done some events in the MG ZR already, but obviously this is the big one - are you looking for ward to it?

Rob Gill: "Definitely! We've had three runs in the MG ZR in the British championship this year, with an 100% finishing record, and the car's been very very strong. It took quite a pounding in some of those Yorkshire forests and up in the Borders on the Pirelli Rally, bur it's fast, good fun to drive, and our next event is the Network Q, so we'll be pushing on that one.

Is there going to be a step up in your preparation for that event?

RG: "I've already started with my fitness programme. I'll be in the best condition possible, I know that the car will be in the best condition possible, all the ingredients re there, it's just up to me to go as fast as I can as safe as I can. There are some big drops on the event - with no room for error."

Obviously we will be seeing a lot of your exploits in the Sun?

RG: "This is a marvellous opportunity for the Sun. With the heritage that MG has got, the fact that this is Britain's number one sporting event, there's over 180,000 spectators watching Rally GB life and that's three times the capacity of Wembley stadium.

"Nothing compares to this. It all fits, the Sun needs to be seen at this event, and we're happy that we're with MG."

On a personal basis, you're obviously looking forward to simply going rallying?

RG: "I made my debut in the Network Q Rally last year, and we were fortunate enough to win our class. I've set myself a standard now and I intend to keep to that."

Is that a lot of pressure? You've got this readership and the one thing you don't want to do is fall off on stage one.

RG: "There is and there isn't. I try not to be bothered by anything from outside the car when I'm in it, it's just the driving that matters. In all honesty, I'm sure some of the readers wouldn't mind if I did stop on the first stage - it would be something for them to laugh at! All good entertainment...

"The Sun being the number one paper is a natural winner, and we're going to do the same in the MG."

Do you get any time in the car before the start of the Network Q?

RG: "We're going to do a shakedown test in Wales at the end of the October, and really the last preparation we did was the Trackrod Rally where we finished 17th overall. That was a great result for us."