North One Sport, the company responsible for promoting the World Rally Championship, has been acquired by Convers Sports Initiatives, it was confirmed this week.

CSI has bought North One Sport from parent company North One Television and Convers Group chairman Vladimir Antonov has vowed that they will invest 'substantial resources' to raise the profile of the sport in the coming years.

"Convers Sports' acquisition of North One Sport starts a new page in the history of the WRC," Antonov said. "Our team will use all the resources available to us to continue to excite fans with one of the best racing challenges in the world.

"Working in partnership with the FIA and other key stakeholders we plan to achieve even higher targets and continue to give an amazing challenge to manufacturers, drivers and teams.

"Our company plans to invest substantial resources to improve the promotion of the WRC and bring the quality of competition to even higher levels. This will benefit both participants and spectators in the long run.

"Convers Sports will dedicate our hearts and minds to continue building the legacy of this extraordinary sport. We want it to evolve into something exceptional. Convers Sports will do whatever is necessary to maximise this opportunity and leave our mark in global motorsport history."

Under the terms of the deal North One Sport will relocate to CSI's headquarters in London but will retain, for the meantime, its company name. North One Television will also continue to produce all the programming for the WRC.

"In some ways it's business as usual for North One Sport," added North One Sport CEO Simon Long. "The vision remains the same and we have continuity in that the great team of individuals that work for us will continue to do so.

"But with the extra resources now at our disposal - both financially and in terms of the related knowledge and experience that the team at CSI brings - we're in a better position than ever before to push the WRC forward.

"The opening round of this year's WRC in Sweden gave us an inkling of how thrilling and spectacular the WRC can be thanks to the close fight for victory over three days of intense competition. While it created headlines and enthralled television viewers around the world, the agreement with CSI will help to ensure the promotion of the WRC is taken to new levels."

The agreement between North One Sport and CSI was given the seal of approval by FIA president Jean Todt last month.



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