1996 world champion and new Alstare Suzuki rider Troy Corser believes that, while World Superbike will probably never return to the glory days of the mid-1990s, 2005 will 'definitely' be one of the best Superbike season's ever.

"I don't think we'll ever get back to how it was about eight years ago when I first came over here - when it was Scott Russell, Fogarty, Slight, Polen all those guys - big names that had been doing it for a lot of years," Troy told Crash.net.

"Now its gone through a bit of drop, lost a lot of the names - we've still got a few - but I think it has gone as low as it's going to go and it's actually going to jump back really strong.

"I know the manufacturers and all the teams are pushing really hard to boost it up," he continued. "(And) with Corona coming in and being the title sponsor - they market things magnificently and get the most out of everything - so I think just with the changes on the organisational side and promotion its going to boost the championship a lot.

"The racing is going to be really good on television, because it's going to be really close, so yeah it's definitely going to be one of the best seasons for Superbike," concluded the Australian, who has spent the last three seasons with the Foggy Petronas team.

The full interview with Corser can be found in the Crash.net radio archive...