Telecom Italia has joined forces with Ducati for the 2004 World Superbike Championship, associating its 'Alice' high-speed broadband internet brand with Team Ducati.

This agreement will allow Telecom Italia to further raise the Alice profile, particularly among a young, dynamic, innovation-savvy target. According to the company, the partnership is a perfect fit for two companies whose businesses showcase Italy's winning ways around the globe.

Providing over 27 million lines and 1.65 million broadband accesses, Telecom Italia Wireline is Italy's number one telecommunications carrier and one of the world's top fixed telephony market players. Alice is available in a wide range of solutions designed to cater to all customer needs, including 'Alice Top Up' - which offers pre-paid rechargeable ADSL internet access - and 'Alice Sat' - which provides satellite-based high speed internet connections in areas where terrestrial broadband lines are not yet available. The latest Alice offer to come to market is the 'Alice Free' pay-as-you-go package.

The brand will also appear on Ducati's new MotoGP machine.



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