World Superbike races will not be stopped due to weather changes next season, with optional pit stops introduced to allow for any mid-race tyre and machinery modifications.

The rumoured proposal was among the rule modifications rubber-stamped during a series of Superbike Commission meetings between October 8th and 16th.

"A Superbike race will not be interrupted for climatic reasons except for extraordinary events and riders who wish to change tyres or make adjustments must enter the pits (at any moment) and do so during the actual race," said the FIM statement.

Refueling is "strictly prohibited" and the pit stop procedure will be as follows:

"* Riders who wish to change tyres or make adjustments in the pit lane must stop in front of their garage, turn off the engine and dismount from their motorcycle. Only three mechanics, clearly identified with an official armband, are allowed to touch the motorcycle or work on it during the pit stop.

"These three mechanics cannot receive any external help in the pit lane (i.e. passing the tools from the garage, etc.), but the rider can help them if he wishes to do so. A marshal will monitor the situation and report any infringement of this rule which will be penalized by the Race Direction with a ride through.

"* The use of power tools (maximum two at the same time, electric or pneumatic) is allowed.

"* Stands or lifts must operate manually and cannot be power assisted.

"* The use of an auxiliary starter and/or of a booster battery is allowed to restart the motorcycle."

The single-bike rule in WSBK means that swapping to a second bike during a pit stop, as in MotoGP, is not possible.

Other changes for 2013 include a MotoGP-style three riders per row starting grid and minimum weight of 165kg for both 1200cc twin cylinders and 1000cc four cylinders.

The four-cylinder weight is unchanged, but the 1200cc twins will be able to shed the 6kg that had been added for this season, prompting complaints from the Ducati competitors.

Performance balancing rules will continue to apply:

"For 1200cc 2 cylinders: The minimum weight may be increased twice by 3kg reaching a weight of 168kg and 171kg respectively. The upper limit is 171kg. If this measure proves to be insufficient, then the air restrictor handicap will be applied according to the relevant provisions described in Art"

Modifications to the frame at the swing-arm pivot area will also be allowed, to give "a maximum of +/-5 mm of adjustment vertically and horizontally".

Brake lever protection, a rear safety light for wet races, fake front headlight stickers and the change to 17" rims were also made official.



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