The V&M Racing Team were celebrating at Cadwell Park, after David Jefferies snatched a last gasp victory in the ninth round of the British Superstock championship, on a sun drenched August Bank Holiday Monday.

In front of a bumper 33,500 strong crowd, the Yorkshireman forced his V&M Racing R1 Yamaha to the front of the field to push his championship rivals throughout the entire sixteen-lap race, before the outcome was decided at the penultimate corner of the final lap.

After losing out in the drag race away from the line, Jefferies moved up to fourth place on lap two before taking third a lap later. Then on lap six he forced his way through into second position to hound race leader, Suzuki mounted John Crockford.

"I pushed and pressured him for the remainder of the race, but I didn't want to rush past because I didn't have the power to pull away," said Jefferies. "I had a plan to make a move at the hairpin on the last lap, but he ran in real hot, and lost control right in front of me, I gratefully nipped past to take the win."

Team mate Matt Llewelyn closed the gap on British Supersport 600 championship leader Kirk McCarthy to just twelve points, when he took a fighting fourth place in the ninth round of the series at Cadwell Park.

The Leicester rider was running as high as second place in the sixteen-lap race before the pace car came out to slow the riders down while crash damage was cleared from the track. But when the race resumed his tyres had cooled down and he started to struggle to stay in touch at the front.

"We spent a lot of laps behind the pace car, and the tyre temperature dropped dramatically," said Llewellyn. "Once the pace car had gone back in and we got back up to speed, the bike was sliding about all over the place. I had a couple of big moments, which knocked my confidence a bit and forced me to slow the pace. I'm very disappointed because Kirk didn't finish the race and I could have made up more ground at the top of the table."

Team owner Jack Valentine took consolation from the fact that his riders had closed in on the championship lead. "David's victory was almost on a par with winning our first Formula 1 TT," said Valentine. "Due to the strict ruling of the Superstock class our bikes were 10mph down on top speed to the fastest Suzuki's, so it just shows how hard he was riding."

"I was disappointed we didn't capitalize on Kirk's misfortune in the Supersport class. A win for Matt would have put us right back level at the top of the table. But at least we're closer to the championship lead than we were after Knockhill. The championship is still there for the taking, there's four rounds and one hundred points still up for grabs"


Supersport 600
1. John McGuinness (Honda); 2. Karl Harris (Suzuki); 3. Matt Llewellyn (V&M Yamaha); 4. Kirk McCarthy (Honda); 5.Glen Richards (Honda); 6. Gary Mason (Honda); 7. Rob Frost (Yamaha); 8. Kim Ashkenazi (Kawasaki); 9. Ross McCullough (Yamaha); 10. Simon Andrews (Honda).

1. John Crockford (Suzuki); 2. David Jefferies (V&M Yamaha); 3. Paul Young (Suzuki); 4. Glen Richards (Honda); 5. Pete Jennings (Suzuki); 6. Jamie Morley (Suzuki); 7. Kieran Murphy (Suzuki); 8. Phil Giles (Suzuki); 9. Dave Johnson (Suzuki); 10. Chris Burns (Suzuki).


Superport 600
1. Karl Harris (Suzuki); 2. John McGuinness (Honda); 3. Rob Frost (Yamaha); 4. Matt Llewellyn (V&M Yamaha); 5. Glen Richards (Honda); 6. Kim Ashkenazi (Kawasaki); 7. Ross McCullough (Yamaha); 8. Luke Quigley (Suzuki); 9. Danny Beaumont (Yamaha); 10. Richard Norris (Yamaha).

1. David Jefferies (V&M Yamaha); 2. Paul Young (Suzuki); 3. Jamie Morley (Suzuki); 4. Dave Johnson (Suzuki); 5. Luke Quigley (Suzuki); 6. Gary Mason (Honda); 7. Gus Scott (Suzuki); 8. Chris Burns (Suzuki); 9. Darren Mitchell (Suzuki); 10. Steve Allan (Suzuki).

Championship points:

Supersport 600
1. Kirk McCarthy 147; 2. Karl Harris 140; 3. Matt Llewellyn 135; 4. John McGuinness 125; 5. Paul Young 99; 6. Rob Frost 64; 7. Scott Smart 61; 8. Glen Richards 55; 9. Gary Mason 46; 10. Woolsey Coulter 44.

1. Paul Young 177; 2. David Jefferies 137; 3. John Crockford 106; 4. Jamie Morley 94; 5. Gary Mason 90; 6. Glen Richards 80; 7. Chris Burns 68; 8. Pete Jennings 40; 9. Dave Heal 33; 10. Kim Ashkenazi 31.



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