By Adam Arnold
Following a high speed accident in the first race of round six of BSB from Thruxton, Dijon Compton of the BSD/Performance bike team has been discharged from hospital with severe whiplash.

The Suzuki rider lost control of his bike as he missed his braking marker whilst trying to gain control of his sliding front wheel. Compton managed to gain control of the GSX-R1000 when the front wheel started to slide him towards the edge of the track, however when the bike settled again the rider had missed his braking marker for the notoriously bumpy Church corner.

There was nothing Compton could have done to keep the Suzuki on the track, and so, when the bike ran out of road, Compton instinctively ejected himself from the seat to minimise injury. Unfortunetly, the rider went head first into one of the haybales used as crash control.

After being rushed to hospital with a police escort, Compton was treated with suspected neck injuries. Luckily, X-rays showed that there were no broken bones in his neck and, following a night in hospital for observation purposes, Compton was discharged yesterday.

His main injuries include severe whiplash and bruising over much of his cheast and body. Compton will be unable to race at Brands, but is already keen to get back to full health in order to race again soon. The BSD/Performance bike team expect to be racing at the next round at Brands GP, held on 21 June, with another rider.

During the accident, Compton's bike unfortunately broke through the wire fence shielding the spectators and struck one unlucky individual, who was also taken to hospital. It is still unclear the extent of the injuries to the spectator, but it is currently believed to be nothing more serious than broken bones.

Both rider and spectator are expected to make a full recovery.