The eighth round of the British Superbike Championship at Knockhill on Sunday July 4th is likely to be influenced by the ever-changing Scottish weather, so Rizla Suzuki is ready to use the circuit's own sheep to forecast wet or dry conditions.

The 1.2986-mile long circuit near Edinburgh is set high in the hills and bright sunshine can turn to torrential rain very quickly. The sheep that inhabit the hillside beside the track are used to the changing weather and if they are near the summit it indicates good weather. But when you see the woolly barometers charging down the hillside, it is time for the tyre warmers to be put on the wets.

John Reynolds, the championship leader will be hoping to extend his lead following a strong show of force last time at Brands. The Nottinghamshire based rider came away from the rain soaked Kent circuit with a win in the first race and led for most of the second despite a broken collarbone sustained only two weeks prior.

"My broken collarbone is still a bit sore, it has been less than four weeks since the accident at Thruxton, but it won't stop me from pushing for two wins at Knockhill. I was pleasantly surprised by how strong I was at Brands Hatch just over a week ago and I have been doing a lot of healing since then," claims Reynolds.

"The weather always seems to play a part in the races at Knockhill. I don't care if it is wet or dry, I know we can win in either conditions. But I do want the weather to be either very wet or very dry, that way there is no element of luck in choosing tyres and gauging how high up the hill the sheep are and whether they are climbing or descending to determine if it is going to get wetter or drier.

"My uncle Tom was a motocross Champion in Scotland and my family has enjoyed two-wheel success north of the border in the past. I always like going to Knockhill and look forward to seeing my fans there."

Reynolds team mate, Yukio Kagayama, is hungry for another set of wins after being displaced into fourth place by the Monstermob Ducati rider Sean Emmett, at the last round. Kagayama is now five points behind the London based rider and keen to get back into championship title contention.

"Last year on my first visit to Knockhill I was given sheep's stomach to eat," disapproves Yuki. "This food is absolutely no-need, but I like Scottish people; they are like Niall-san (Naill Mackenzie- Rizla Suzuki test rider and three times BSB champion) - good riders who never give up and are known to fight against many odds. They are my sort of people!

"Knockhill circuit is not so easy for me, last year bad weather meant I had poor race meeting. This year I want to win more races. John-san has taken lead with four wins to my three, so this is need to change situation. I still think I have chance for Championship title if I can keep winning all races and will be trying maximum hard this weekend."