Dienza Performance have bounced back after losing their title sponsor, Sendo, just before Knockhill. The team have been out for a few rounds whilst trying to drum up funds, however team manager Enzo Di Clemente told Crash.net "I'm not a quitter, we are going to keep going."

Cracks started to appear in the partnership as Enzo explains "It came as a complete shock to us, everything had been going fine, we'd been with them for two years. We normally get paid monthly and in June no funds arrived. To put it bluntly, it was fifty, sixty seventy thousand pounds behind payment."

The confidentiality clauses in the team's contract with Sendo left Di Clemente in a difficult position as he couldn't talk about what was happening "They dragged it out for another month and when we finally thought we were getting somewhere we were told the company had gone into administration. We called to chase up payment and we got the liquidation company and that was it" he said.

However they have put that behind them and are back on track with Jon Kirkham. At the moment there isn't a title sponsor, but the team's smaller sponsors have all pulled together to get them racing. "This weekend it is mostly my own money, Johnny Kirkham's Dad has helped out, some of our smaller sponsors have chipped in to help out too" Di Clemente continued "I've got some people who might take us on for the rest of the year, but with the predicament that we are in, I'm trying to take it round by round."

Former rider for the team, Steve Plater, was keen to come back but the team felt it would be unfair on him with the current situation. "Steve wanted to come, I phoned him up as we were going to just put Steve out and he wanted to do it, but when I thought about it, it wasn't fair to Steve and Honda. Lets say we only did one or possibly two rounds and then if we couldn't run... I can't go back to him and say we can't run anymore. It's not fair so we just come back with Jon," concluded Di Clemente.

On a lighter note the team are determined to succeed as Enzo summed up "I'm quietly confident as we have a lot of other people looking at the team. We've been doing this for nine years, we've been in the paddock a long time, I'm not a quitter, we are going to keep going."