catches up with defending Dunlop MSA British Touring Car Champion Andrew Jordan to discuss his 2014 BTCC season so far, plans for next year and his latest endeavour, which could see you driving his Honda Civic race car at Donington Park next year!
We are here today for the launch of Racing School's new Touring Car Experience - what can people expect to receive when they sign up for it?

Andrew Jordan:
It offers a unique opportunity for fans to experience the brute power of the beasts they see raced on the TV screens - both by driving them and sitting alongside the men who have raced them quicker than anyone else. They will be driving something close to a Group N-specification touring car, which has been specifically built for this. It will have all the right kit on in terms of dampers and diff. People can treat it as an experience or come and get tuition in a proper front-wheel drive car, then have a ride and see how we do it. It can be an experience or a serious tuition.
How close will the final product be compared with your full BTCC Honda Civic race car?

Andrew Jordan:
This is probably around 70% of the full touring car, so it will be a proper piece of kit! You could have someone having a straight go in that and they wouldn't get anywhere near the most from it, so it is better to learn the technique in something a bit easier to drive and get more from it. It is better having something slightly lower specification, so they can crack on in it.
There is some impressive cars out there, from a Lamborghini Gallardo to an Abarth 500, to a Aston Martin V8 Vantage... what do you recommend?

Andrew Jordan:
I think the supercars are more for the experience. There are people who come and say they have driven one on a track, whereas the front-wheel drive cars, like the Honda, are more for proper tuition.
And what about Donington Park as a circuit? Is it a good circuit for people to come and learn quickly?

Andrew Jordan:
Donington Park is a real old-school circuit. I don't really like the ones that have been too modernised with big run off areas and any track with great undulation, to say they have driven it or been driven on it is something really special.
Turning attention to your BTCC season, with just two 2014 rounds remaining, do you feel the title is now out of reach?

Andrew Jordan:
The title went out of reach a few rounds ago, which is really frustrating because the season started really well. We have had too many problems. Snetterton was my mistake, but we have had too much bad luck and being in the wrong place at the wrong time. We sat down and looked at what we could have done differently and though Snetterton I will take on the chin and admit it was my mistake, there is a lot of the other stuff where we couldn't have done more. Look at Knockhill, we were challenging for the lead and we get hit by a spinning car that breaks my suspension, but that car bounces off me and gets a podium! The consistency hasn't been there but we will work on that for next year
You are up in fourth place overall with Silverstone and Brands Hatch to come, but are you disappointed not to be still in the hunt?

Andrew Jordan:
Unless we won the championship, anything was going to be a disappointing year. If my highest position in the championship coming into this year was sixth then I'd be saying it was a good year but coming off a year like last year unless you win back-to-back it would be a disappointed. We have won the second most races out of anyone and it is always nice to get wins and podiums, but I wanted to win back-to-back championships. I'll just have to come back and do it in 2015 and 2016 instead!
It is strongly rumoured that Honda will come in with the Civic Type-R last year for the factory Yuasa Honda team - is that the car you want to be driving in BTCC 2015 too?

Andrew Jordan:
If Honda come in with the Type-R then I am confident I will be in that car, if the deal is right. Nothing has been done yet, but if I am going to be in a Honda, I want to be in the same car as them to fight them fair and square. It needs to be a good deal for us. We need to invest to do that and we don't' do it for the fun of it. For everyone involved it needs to be a good deal.
Colin Turkington and West Surrey Racing (eBay BMW) look on the cusp of the 2014 BTCC title, but much has been made of their perceived rear-wheel drive 'advantage' from rivals. What is your opinion on the debate?

Andrew Jordan:
No doubt Colin and West Surrey Racing have performed well. They have that car going very well. Anyone that is moaning isn't pointing it at the team or the driver, it has been pointed at TOCA and the rear-wheel drive situation. They have done a great job but I think everyone, not just those that often moan about it, find it is going too far. I hope Colin wraps up the title at Silverstone because it will make the argument of the front-wheel drive teams a bit stronger. Would you rather see a finale like we had last year that went to the very last race or have it wrapped up before the finale?
Does something need to be changed for 2015?

Andrew Jordan:
Seriously nothing to take away from them because they have done a fantastic job and Colin has been in great form, but it needs looking at for next year certainly to get current manufacturers or new manufacturers involved because we don't want it to be a rear-wheel drive championship. If it continues as it is you will see more go rear-wheel drive. I am sure things will be done and Colin deserves to win it this year, but something needs to be done to make it a closer fight through the season.
Where is the rear-wheel drive advantage?

Andrew Jordan:
Good question. Off the line, though not so much with the longer first gear, and tyre wear. This year they have turned their bad circuits into good circuits, so they are strong everywhere. They run a bigger rear brake than we do, last year they could move their rear-wing in a slightly different position, so lots of little things like that. Before the start of the season I said Colin will be the one to beat because last year was a learning year for them. The car handles well, but ever since the early 90s, rear-wheel drive cars had to carry a weight handicap because it will always be quicker than a front-wheel drive car due to the traction. We knew that once they got the quick corners sorted, it would be a rocket ship! It just needs equalising a bit.
You are a BTCC champion, but you're also a successfully RallyX driver as well. Given RallyX's growing popularity and profile, is it something you would like to get more involved with in the future?

Andrew Jordan:
RallyX is a massive passion of mine, I love it, ever since I did it in 2007, but the profile wasn't there to make a career from it at the time. Now I think you'll see people trying to make RallyX driving a profession. I think next year my plan is to do a couple of wild-card events. Red Bull are very involved in the teams so it is a good fit. I am very open to things. I have another year left on my touring car contract and we will see what offers come up. I love touring cars, but equally if the sponsorship stops and I have to find another drive then I have touring cars or RallyX.
Finally, you have always raced with the family-run Eurotech team - what are the advantages and disadvantages from doing things privately, albeit in a very close-knit set-up.

Andrew Jordan:
The great thing about doing it ourselves, we can do it how we want. We know what our income is from sponsors, so we know exactly what is there. If I want to do five days of testing and the money is there then we will go and do it. This would be different with other teams. I want to earn a profession from driving so if anything changed then I would have to look elsewhere, but at the moment I enjoy it and it's great doing it ourselves. It is easy to look too far in front, so I want to enjoy the moments now.

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