Nico Rosberg has suggested that Lewis Hamilton may be considering quitting Formula 1. Hamilton’s former Mercedes teammate said: “He has hinted this year that he doesn’t want to spend so much time travelling. He wouldn’t do that if he wasn’t thinking of it (quitting) at least." - F1 Fanstie

Santander are set to back out of the agreement with Ferrari as their major sponsor after deciding against extending the €40million a year deal. A report released by El Confidencial claimed: “According to sources close to the talks, Santander rejected Ferrari’s proposal to continue as the main partner after eight years." - El Confidencial

Daniel Ricciardo has set a deadline for talks regarding his future with Red Bull. The Australian driver said: “I’m sure there will be a few discussions in the next week or two, especially with the team. It’s not about the offer, it’s about who is going to have the best car for 2019" - Planet F1

Honda boss Yusuke Hasegawa has revealed that their deal with Toro Rosso will be an “equal relationship” as opposed to following orders much like their partnership with McLaren. Hasegawa told the official Honda F1 website: “Obviously Honda as a company is huge but we had little recent F1 experience - so from that point of view McLaren was still leading us. That won’t be the same with Toro Rosso." - Planet F1