West McLaren-Mercedes 'third driver' Alex Wurz describes a lap of Hockenheim - site of this weekend's German Grand Prix:

''Powering down the pit straight at the revised Hockenheim circuit, you reach 183mph / 294kph in seventh gear before dabbing the brakes for the fast Nordkurve. Taken at 125mph / 200kph, it is important to maintain your speed through this right-hander.

''Jumping the curbs as you exit, you accelerate along to Parabolica, a tight right hander, which we believe will be negotiated at 68mph / 110kph in second and marks the beginning of the new section of the track.

''A slight left hander immediately follows Parabolika and flicks you onto a long sweeping left curve. Taken flat out, it is estimated that you will reach speeds of 192mph / 310kph in seventh gear, before braking dramatically for the right-handed hairpin that has replaced the Ostkurve. Probably taken at some 43mph / 70kph, it is the tightest corner on the track and sees you rejoin the old circuit momentarily.

''Accelerating out, it is estimated that you will reach 186mph / 300kph in seventh before braking for the new Spitzkehre complex. This begins with a fast right hander that will probably see speeds of 62mph / 100kph in second gear. A quick burst of power follows along a short straight, before negotiating a tighter left hander.

''A slight left kink is followed by a sweeping right hander, which will take you back onto the original back straight. You will again build up speed at full throttle as you burst out of the forest and into the Stadium complex.

''The Mobil 1 Kurve marks the entry to the complex and this fast right hander is taken in fourth gear at 105mph / 169kph. Next is the long left hairpin of Sachs, shifting down into second it is negotiated at 65mph / 105kph.

''The track then sweeps through a slight left-right kink on the approach to the final section of the Stadium complex and the lap, the S?dkurve. This double apex right hand hairpin is taken at some 95mph / 152kph in third and leads you back onto the start-finish straight to begin another lap...''