Have you ever dreamt of riding in a Formula One car? Well, now might be your chance now that Bridgestone Europe have once again teamed up with European Minardi Cosworth to offer another lucky website reader the opportunity to do exactly that. Bridgestone will fly the winner to Minardi's home country of Italy to experience this thrilling ride of a lifetime.

The exciting 'Thunder at the Rock' event that took place at the end of August was the perfect example of Bridgestone's commitment to the Formula One fans as one lucky website reader was given the chance to mix with celebrities and top racers at the Rockingham Motor Speedway.

The winner of the first Bridgestone competition, Pierre Miles, was understandably thrilled by the whole adventure and enthused: "It was an absolutely fantastic experience that exceeded all of my expectations.

"The physical experiences during the ride were truly awesome - how the car stays on the road around the bends at those speeds defies belief - it must be the excellent Bridgestone tyres! The sideways and braking forces are incredible."

Now Bridgestone are continuing their commitment to helping fans experience the thrill and competition of Formula One by offering another winner the chance, assuming they pass Minardi's medical examinations.

The experience of a lifetime awaits - the chance to get closer to Formula One and strap themselves into one of Minardi's two-seater racing machines before being driven to the limit at speed by a professional racing driver. And Minardi Team Principal Paul Stoddart, who could be the man to drive the winner around the track, promised: "A ride in the two-seater is an amazing experience, something that if you get the chance to do, you will never ever forget."

Minardi driver Jos Verstappen got his first taste of the machine at the event and he was astonished with its power and pace. "That was a great experience," said the former team-mate of World Champion Michael Schumacher.

"I still can't believe how close the two-seater is to the European Minardi Formula One car. I drove one of the F1 cars in pit-stop demonstrations during the weekend and the two-seater was only a few seconds slower!"

Impressive words from a man who has claimed two podium finishes during his Grand Prix career and who ecstatically climbed the top step of the podium at Rockingham after winning Minardi's unique two-seater Grand Prix.

So, what are you waiting for? - go to this link for your chance to win...