Drivers: Jarno Trulli (Renault), Ralf Schumacher (Williams), Jenson Button (BAR)

Questions from the floor:

Q: (Pascal Dro - Auto Plus)
Jarno, how can you explain that you made three- or four-tenths of a second out of the third sector, it was quite magic. You didn't achieve that kind of thing during the free practices.

Jarno Trulli:
I did. I did exactly the same for each sector. I did it in the morning, it was just a matter of putting everything together and in fact it came out such a good lap because I made slightly better the first sector, second sector was probably the same and the third sector also probably the same. I don't know why I am so quick there, to be honest, because it was nothing special, it is probably down to the car.

Q: (Pascal Dro)
You just mentioned something on the previous interview that we saw on the television about the fact that you started your flying lap in the third sector of the warm-up lap.

No, no. I said the third sector I did in qualifying was exactly the same sector I did this morning when I did the 1m 14.0s.

Ralf Schumacher:
He means the warm-up lap on the way to the qualifying.

Oh, really? I didn't know that, to be honest.

Q: (Byron Young - Speed Sport)
Ralf, what do you think of the chances of Michael winning tomorrow?

Why do you ask me? Ask him, I don't know. I have no clue what he is doing, what his car is like, obviously not particularly strong, so why should I know. I am with Williams.

Q: (Byron Young)
But you know your brother is a fighter and he has won here five times...

Obviously he is a fighter and he is simply one of the best drivers at the moment, but if the car doesn't allow him to go fast, he can't. He can't fight as much as we want to. Let's wait and see how it starts. Usually you could say he could make a good position at the start but then he has the two Renaults so it is going to be a bit difficult, isn't it?

Q: (Alastair Moffitt - PA News)
Jarno and Jenson, how important will the first corner be in determining who eventually comes out on top?

As usual, it will be extremely important, but it doesn't mean that if you are leading by the first corner then you are going to win the race. We know that Monaco is such a difficult race, anything can happen, it is just a matter of getting out of the first corner without any accident and make the race.

Jenson Button:
Yeah, I think it is very important and I haven't just got to look forwards to getting past Jarno, I have got to look behind and keep Fernando behind. But we have proved that Taku and myself have been able to get good starts this year. In Imola, it was a pretty good start from the front, so it is going to be interesting.

Q: (Dan Knutson - National Speed Sports News)
For all three of you guys, is this just an exception or do you think your teams are finally closing the gap on Ferrari?

To be honest, I have been talking about Renault and I have been talking about me but probably we also have to praise the Michelin tyres because maybe we have got some advantage this time over the Bridgestones. Normally, when you are quick it is normally the whole package that works well. Here in Monaco we all seem quick, especially the Michelin runners and we see. Anyway, Ferrari with the Bridgestone tomorrow have still got 78 laps to fight.

This track is purely tyres and mechanical grip dominant, so it is not such a surprise. Ferrari, before they came here, they were saying that they expect Michelin runners to be in front, so I think it is still the best team around at the moment. I think it is pretty much an exception around here. And the thing is, in Monaco you have to have the right car and, just like Jarno, get a perfect lap together and maybe simply Michael didn't achieve that today.

Obviously, I think the Michelin tyres have worked very well here because it is very difficult to make up that much margin over two weeks. But, if you look at their times in long-distance running, the Ferraris, they seem to be very, very strong, so obviously they are thinking about the strategy very much and we have to see what they do because they still will be a threat.

Q: (Ian Gordon - News of the World)
Jenson, can you explain what happened in the crash in the car?

I actually didn't have my seatbelt on - bit naughty! I don't know, the car came around the corner waving a flag and crashed into us. We were going the wrong way around the circuit...

Q: (Tony Dodgins - Tony Dodgins Associates)
Jarno, so far this year, with Michael's race pace, if the two Renaults and Jenson go around at the same pace with him tagged on the back then the chances are he can cut loose again. This time, though, there are two Renaults ahead of him. Will you and Fernando and the team have a chat and adopt a bit of strategy that might create a gap?

No, I don't think it is fair, not fair against me or against Fernando. Everyone is racing for victory. We just have to do our best. Maybe, you know, we will see what happens tomorrow. Maybe the Ferraris haven't got enough pace, you don't know. Things have changed quite a lot - three Michelins on the front row and the Ferrari is on the back with Bridgestone. Maybe they are not in a good pace. For sure, tomorrow they will be quicker but we feel quite confident for the race, we are not going to play any weird strategy to stop anyone else or to stop the Ferrari. We just want to race for victory with any of our cars.