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MINARDI has lost its primary sponsor, Wilux, in a parting of the ways after the German Grand Prix. Citing "irreconcilable differences" from both sides, Wilux, a Dutch bathroom supply firm, has reportedly started shopping the paddock for another team, making Jordan its first stop.

Minardi owner PAUL STODDART said: "Due to irreconcilable differences concerning, among other things, the decision by Minardi to run without sponsorship livery in the 2004 British Grand Prix and the decision by Wilux not to adhere to contractual payments, sadly, the sponsorship agreement between Wilux and Minardi has been terminated today. The team wishes Wilux every success in the future."

Since then, reportedly Wilux Chief Executive, RUUD WILDSCHUT, said: "I paid for that place on the car but Paul took the right from me to show my own feelings. Paul could have been man enough to redraw both cars, but he did not do that. Maybe he wanted to show the world who he is, sort of narcissistic. 'Hello, I am Paul Stoddart and I can just do things like this'."

The reference was to the Minardi cars running nothing but memorial graphics in memory of the Minardi team manager and sporting director, JOHN WALTON, who died before Friday of the British Grand Prix weekend, after a massive heart attack Tuesday while in London for the F1 exhibition.