- The day didn’t start very well for Charles Leclerc when he tried to sign the miniature tyre he won for having more poles than anybody else in his maiden season with Ferrari - but the pen didn’t work. It would be the first mishap as the FIA would later investigate his car for a discrepancy in the fuel quantity in his car, but in the end, Ferrari was only fined with 50,000 euros in a decision that took over two hours to be made after the team was heard.

- One of the stars of the season, Leclerc seemed pleased with third and with his year in general. But didn’t change his approach. When asked if he feels ready to battle Hamilton if Ferrari makes a competitive car next year, he was rather sincere: “Only if I make fewer mistakes. He is too consistent.”

- Consistent and light, Hamilton would say. It was interesting to see how a dominant win made him change his mind: on the driver’s parade interview, he said he wanted to eat as many pancakes he could, but after the checkered flag, he said he was feeling so good that didn’t want to change anything on his diet or to put on weight. But maybe could eat a few pancakes during Christmas. By the way, he wished everyone a Merry Christmas, so consider that passed on!

- When asked directly if he had spoken with Ferrari, Hamilton gave a long answer only to conclude that his future could be heavily linked to whatever Toto Wolff decided to do. He has got an option to sell his Mercedes shares by the end of 2020.

- Valtteri Bottas didn’t seem to be doing too well, although he claimed the Abu Dhabi GP was one of his best. His life did get a bit harder with the DRS “blackout” in the beginning of the race, so getting very close to the podium was a good result in the end. This is probably a weekend he won’t like to remember, though, as he looks very shaken by the recent divorce and kept repeating, even when asked about racing, that he needs to develop as a person, and recognizes it will be "a very different winter" away from his wife.

- The two most excited drivers in the interview pen were Carlos Sainz and Sergio Perez. After all, they both made overtakes on the last lap and gained championship positions because of that (Sainz the sixth and Perez the tenth, in a direct fight with Norris). The Mexican even went on to say it was the best move of his career.

- Lando Norris, on the other hand, was disappointed to have been "too nice" in position defence, and he was. He had done a great job with the tyres all the way through the race. He reckons this is what he needs to work on by 2020 - we will have an aggressive version of Lando next year.

- Hulkenberg and Kubica looked relieved after finishing the last races with their teams (and perhaps of their careers). In fact, many drivers said they will be happy and not see the paddock people anymore. The conductor of the press conference ended by saying that Melbourne 105 days away and there were some rolling eyes all around. It was indeed a loooong year.

- But what are they going to do on vacation? Ricciardo said he will isolate himself from his friends, he doesn't want to see people. Lewis will face Valentino Rossi next week and said he was apprehensive about it. And guess what Lando and Max are going to do? iRacing, of course. Asked if they are planning to do any 24h racing, Max said that is the plan for the New Year. Who is up for the streaming?



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