Max Verstappen’s father is a former F1 driver and a winner of the 2008 24 Hours of Le Mans but did not fare so well, compared to his son, this past weekend.

The 50-year-old revealed: “I drove the Rally of Wervik on Saturday. Until the fifth stage, it went very well. We were competing for the victory. 

“Unfortunately, in the fifth stage things went wrong. You must cut corners a lot during such a rally. That means that in most corners you end up in the grass with two wheels and then come back on the asphalt. 

“The grooves in the grass get deeper and deeper. This was the second time we raced there and there were 140 participants. I had already passed the corner, got on the gas, but once I got on the asphalt the car kind of lifted. 

“I then over-steered and drove into a ditch. There, we hit a piece of sawn-off tree trunk at 130 kilometers per hour. That was quite an impact. It will take a few weeks to repair the car.

“Of course, I was very disappointed. 

“But again, this is the typical rally-experience and knowledge of the circuit. For me it was the first time I drove there. 

“A positive take away was that the new notes-system that we used worked very well. And it clicks very well with my navigator Harm van Koppen. 

“Because of the crash I did have time to watch Formula 1 on Saturday afternoon, so that was a positive!”

‘Max Verstappen is motivated!’

The F1 world champion is hungry to win a second championship, his father said.

Max Verstappen won in Baku ahead of Red Bull teammate Sergio Perez and Mercedes pair George Russell and Lewis Hamilton, while Ferrari duo Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz both failed to finish.

“You could see Max was very motivated,” Jos said. 

“That had of course to do with the previous race in Monaco, but he doesn’t really let it get to him. 

“I think that’s very beautiful, it only makes him better. A challenged Max is an even better Max.”