Hamilton will return to his Mercedes W13 at Silverstone next week hoping to continue his improvement in the 2022 season but any worries of porpoising or reliability were a world away as he relaxed in his luxury road car.

Hamilton showed off his 1966 Shelby Cobra 427 on Instagram on a road trip with his dog, Roscoe.

These cars have previously sold at auction for $5.5m (£4.5m).

Carroll Shelby, a former winner of the 24 Hours of Le Mans, designed the Cobra 427 in 1966.

When Hamilton bought his 10 years ago, he called Shelby directly for a recommendation.

Hamilton keeps his prized asset in perfect condition by buying a second, identical version which he drives!

The car’s engine weighs 2,355lbs, it has a top speed of 160mph and 360hp horsepower.

Carroll Shelby died a decade ago, and the value of these cars has reportedly quadrupled since.

The Michael Schumacher record that Lewis Hamilton may never beat

Hamilton has already smashed several of the legendary Schumacher’s records - most notably, he now has the most F1 race wins ever.

At Silverstone next Sunday, Hamilton has the chance to break another of Schumacher’s all-time records but it feels like he may finish his career without ever being able to beat it…