Mercedes driver Hamilton retired on the first lap of last week’s Belgian Grand Prix after contact with Alpine’s Alonso who then raged down his team radio, calling the Brit an “idiot” and saying “this guy only knows how to drive when starting first”.

Alonso did cool down and apologise publicly, and Hamilton replied on social media with a cheeky picture of an autographed cap that he has now given to his rival.

Before they met at Zandvoort, Hamilton said that he hadn’t yet received an apology for Alonso’s tirade: “We were standing right next to each other in the TV pen but no. 

“For me, it’s not a thing for me. It doesn’t change anything, it doesn’t really affect me in the slightest. 

“With the cap it was just a little fun thing. It's good to have fun sometimes with these things. I will continue to. 

“For me I am always trying to be a better driver also I know there are a lot of young kids that are following me and its important the steps I try to take in my behaviour so I am always trying to learn and be better.”

Alonso has since retracted his comments about Hamilton.

But it is the latest chapter in a rivalry that stretches back to 2007, Hamilton’s first season in F1, when he was the McLaren teammate of Alonso.