It may also be the final lap of both of their careers - Vettel will retire, and Ricciardo isn’t on the grid next year while his long-term future is uncertain.

They roared to a thrilling finish at Yas Island when their finishing positions were worth a fortune to their teams in the F1 standings.

Why was Daniel Ricciardo replaced by Oscar Piastri at McLaren for F1 2023?

Aston Martin driver Vettel needed to overtake McLaren’s Ricciardo in the final seconds in order to earn his team $12m, Sky reported.

This was because if Vettel overtook Ricciardo and finished ninth, it would have boosted Aston Martin’s points in the constructor’s championship and taken them above Alfa Romeo.

But Ricciardo defended his position and restricted Vettel to 10th - forcing Aston Martin to remain in seventh in the constructor’s standings.

Alfa Romeo and Aston Martin both finish on 55 points but Alfa Romeo finish higher due to having the best single result - Valtteri Bottas' P5 at Imola.

The $12m windfall will, therefore, belong to sixth-placed Alfa Romeo. McLaren finished in fifth.

Red Bull were the 2022 constructor’s champions.