Michael Schumacher now resides in Switzerland surrounded by his family who keep health updates to the minimum ever since a skiing accident nine years ago left him in a coma.

Updates sporadically arrive about the F1 legend through trusted associates such as Jean Todt, the ex-Ferrari team principal.

Michael Schumacher vs Lewis Hamilton: The never-ending debate?

The Supreme Court in India, which was hearing a matter on “living will”, used Schumacher as an example, according to the Indian Express.

“Michael Schumacher, he is still in coma, we don’t know what will happen, if some stem cell research will revive him. He is still alive,” it was argued in court by an advocate against a possible law allowing someone to sign a directive to choose to end their own medical treatment.

“What is critical illness for an ordinary person of normal wealth, is not critical for Michael Schumacher,” it was also said in court.

The 2018 laws in India about “living will” are to be adjusted but the court case, about whether to enact a law for terminally ill patients to end their own treatment, will continue.

Stephen Hawking, the scientist, was also referenced in the case.