F1 introduced a revised sprint race format for this weekend’s Azerbaijan Grand Prix with the addition of a second qualifying session.

The second qualifying session on Saturday morning determined the grid for the sprint meaning it’s entirely separate from conventional qualifying (on Friday during a sprint weekend) and the main grand prix (on a Sunday).

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Verstappen has been vocal in his criticism of the format, even before his frustrating race after an incident with Mercedes’ George Russell.

Speaking in the FIA press conference after the sprint, Verstappen explained why he disliked having a second qualifying session during a race weekend.

"Just scrap the whole thing. I think it's just important to go back to what we have. Make sure that every team can fight for a win. 

“That's what we have to aim for and not implement all these kind of artificial excitement. I got bored in today's qualifying to be honest. 

“I like to have one qualifying where you put everything in it. 

“That was yesterday, which of course I enjoy. Then they do it again today and I'm like 'my god, another qualifying?' I just don't really enjoy that."

The Dutchman doesn’t think the format has any impact on improving the wheel-to-wheel racing.

“Yeah it’s hectic, I think it’s not proper racing, it’s more gambling, I’d have more success in Vegas if I go to the casino,” Verstappen added.

“I like racing, I’m a pure racer and I think this is more for the show. Of course it’s important to have entertainment but I think if all the cars are close enough you create better entertainment anyway rather than trying to do it like this.

“It feels like you have a football match, and one team is 3-0 up and you just say ‘ah let’s just reset it to 0-0 and go again’.

“I find these things a bit unnecessary.”