Russell has out-qualified Hamilton 4-1 in the opening five rounds in F1 2023, although the seven-time world champion is ahead in the championship standings.

Button spent three years alongside Hamilton between 2010 and 2012, outscoring him across their time together at McLaren.

Why are Mercedes going backwards in F1 2023?

Speaking during Sky Sports’ Miami coverage, Button believes Russell’s blistering speed isn’t “affecting” Hamilton because he’s “much more comfortable in his skin” compared to his early F1 career.

“It’s not what George gets out of it, it’s how it’s affecting Lewis,” Button said. “And I don’t think it is affecting Lewis.

“He’s still got the confidence. He seems so much more comfortable in his skin now than back when we were teammates.

“He knows how good he is. He knows that, if he gets the right car, he’ll be back fighting for a world championship again.”

Ex-IndyCar star Danica Patrick believes the Hamilton-Russell partnership is a “positive one”

“What kind of person he is? He’s willing to take chances and risks. He’s confident in himself,” Patrick said of Russell. “We’ve seen that last year, my favourite move, he went to slick tyres early in Montreal. It’s in his personality. 

“As a teammate? I see someone who’s really positive. Lewis has won so many championships, he’s used to winning, George doesn’t have that. It’s great to have a guy like George around who is so positive.

“It’s an interesting dynamic in F1 - there’s two of you, you’ve got to work together, but there is so much competition. Teammates that work well will find an advantage in moving the car forwards.

“Also, teammates with similar driving styles - can be really helpful. Different styles result in different cars.”