As usual, the harbour in Monte Carlo was resplendent with some of the world’s most luxurious yachts as their mega-rich owners rocked up to watch the race.

McGregor, the braggadocious UFC fighter known for flaunting his money, arrived in Monaco on his Lamborghini yacht worth $3.5m.

It boasts two bedroom, it’s 63 feet in length, has 4,000 horsepower and a top speed of 70mph.

Not bad, huh?

Well, actually, McGregor’s yacht is tiny and cheap in comparison to the best transport that arrived in Monaco for the grand prix.

The most expensive yacht to be docked in Monaco this weekend was worth a mighty $285m.

Nicknamed ‘The Octopus’, it was originally built for Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen. When he died, it was bought by Swedish entrepreneur Roger Samuelsson.

It sleeps 26 guests and 63 crew, it has two helipads (yes, two!), a basketball court and a swimming pool.

Good news, though - you can rent it for a week! And it will cost a mere $2.4m for seven days.

Slightly more in McGregor’s price range…