Vasseur replaced Binotto as team principal ahead of the F1 2023 season.

It ended Binotto’s 20-year association with Ferrari, paving the way for Vasseur to join the organisation as team boss.

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Binotto had been heavily involved in Ferrari’s engine department before becoming team boss for the 2019 season.

Many critics felt Binotto had a lot of qualities, particularly in the technical team, but wasn’t cut out for the top job.

Berger - who raced at Ferrari between 1987 and 1989, and 1993 to 1995 - thinks Vasseur and Binotto could have worked together.

“Difficult to say, at the moment it’s up and down,” he said when asked about Ferrari’s form.

“I always said I would have felt better if I had been Ferrari to have kept Binotto on the technical side and put Vasseur on the sporting side and tried to split some work and not put everything on one set of shoulders because it’s so complex today to have a successful Formula 1 team, difficult for one man to manage everything.

“But anyway, they chose it this way, and in some ways, you feel they are not as fast as they were last year. Maybe doing a little bit less mistakes, maybe not, I don’t know.

“But the outcome is quite similar and it’s not good enough to beat Red Bull.

“But saying this we have Mercedes, we have the two McLarens, we have one Aston Martin, you know, I mean, there are five cars that could be maybe champion.”