After the Safety Car period, where both Red Bulls stayed out on their worn tyres, Hamilton overtook Perez into Turn 7.

The seven-time world champion ran slightly wide, but kept the position ahead of Perez, who dropped down the order.

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Hamilton wasn’t investigated for the overtake despite looking like he completed the overtake, by braking late, outside the white lines.

“To me it was clear that Lewis just [braked] really late and went off the circuit and gained an advantage,” Perez said. 

“Something that we’ve got to understand going forward.”

Perez was handed a five-second penalty after the race for contact with Alex Albon.

The penalty had no impact on his race result, remaining in eighth.

"With the Alex incident, there was nothing there,” Perez added. It was just a racing incident.

“It was quite difficult, quite tricky. Not a nice day for us.

“I think this is circuit dependant and we should be a lot stronger when we are in Japan hopefully.”