Ahead of this weekend’s Japanese Grand Prix, the FIA admitted to F1 teams that the controversial decision to not hand Max Verstappen a grid penalty for impeding in Singapore was a mistake.

Both Verstappen and Logan Sargeant were afforded leniency as they escaped picking up the usual three-place grid penalty after being investigated for impeding incidents during qualifying in Singapore. 

The stewards conceded in Japan that both Verstappen and Sargeant should have been punished with three-place grid drops but insisted the decisions will not be used as precedent when making calls in the future. 

When asked if he was pleased to have clarity on the matter, Hamilton responded: “Not really.

"How many years have we…. That rule has been the same for ages, you know? I think we need to start looking into AI for this sort of thing, so we get good decisions.”

The seven-time world champion added: “I would like to see whether AI could do a better job or not.”

Mercedes teammate and GPDA director George Russell admitted the decision to let Verstappen off was “definitely a bit strange”. 

"It was definitely a bit strange to see even Max got away with those reprimands last week," Russell said. 

"We obviously always look for consistency. We appreciate it's not easy in the best of times, but last week was obviously a bit of a slam dunk. So it was strange why it didn't happen.”

Ahead of the weekend, and prior to the stewards’ admission, McLaren’s Lando Norris called for harsher penalties for blocking incidents, adding that “no one seems to care enough”.