Norris’ fourth P2 finish of the season means he has now amassed 543 points in his F1 career.

In 98 starts, Norris has failed to win a race, coming tantalisingly close at the 2021 Russian Grand Prix.

It does mean that Norris is now ahead of Nico Hulkenberg for most points scored without a victory.

Norris has scored 543 points, while Hulkenberg has 530 points to his name in F1.

Of course, the change in points system in 2010 means that it’s not a true reflection of things.

Former BMW driver Nick Heidfeld would hold the record if points were adjusted.

‘Quick Nick’ (with points adjusted to the 2010 system) would be clearly top with 727 points.

Norris would still be second on 543.

In third would be Martin Brundle on 536.