F1 filming day rules tweaked for 2024 - Here’s what it means

The FIA has tweaked rules around filming days in a move that will effectively give F1 teams more freedom. 
F1 filming day rules tweaked for 2024 - Here’s what it means

Under the current F1 sporting regulations, teams are permitted to conduct two ‘Promotional Event’ runs throughout the year, with such outings heavily restricted. 

These have been increasingly used by teams as ‘shakedown’ events in recent years, providing a chance to run their new cars for the first time ahead of official pre-season testing. 

Such runs had previously been restricted to 100km per day, but teams will now be allowed to run their cars for up to 200km. 

This was changed with immediate effect following a vote at the FIA’s World Motorsport Council. 

Teams will still have to fit their cars with an FIA ECU and use specifically provided Pirelli tyres for the events.

Another change means that teams will no longer have to inform rivals when they conduct demonstration events. These are limited to a maximum of 50km of running, twice per season. 

The FIA has also introduced a clampdown on new components being used when teams test old cars. 

An update means that Article 10.2 C) now states: "Cars must only use components and software of a specification that have been used in at least one (1) Competition or TCC (testing of a current car] of a Championship season.”

Another new rule states: "No test parts, sensors, instrumentation, test software, component changes, operational tests or procedural tests will be permitted which give any sort of information to the Competitor that is related to cars of the current Championship or cars complying with TCC. 

“For the avoidance of doubt, only instrumentation and sensors that are required for the reliable operation of the car and have been fitted at one or more races of the period will be permitted.”

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