Key trait pinpointed for Max Verstappen’s current dominance over Lewis Hamilton

The advantage that Max Verstappen has over Lewis Hamilton is analysed

(L to R): Winner Max Verstappen (NLD) Red Bull Racing in Sprint parc ferme with second placed Lewis Hamilton (GBR) Mercedes
(L to R): Winner Max Verstappen (NLD) Red Bull Racing in Sprint parc ferme…

The differing feelings experienced by Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton with their contrasting cars has been analysed.

Hamilton has still not won an F1 grand prix since 2021, while Verstappen is already on course for a fourth consecutive championship after cruising to victory in the first two races of this year.

But the feeling inspired by their respective machines has a huge part to play, Liam Lawson has explained.

The Red Bull reserve driver - who shone in a brief stint with AlphaTauri last year - has seen the RB20 up close and personal, and knows how it can aid the team’s star driver.

Lawson said about working within Red Bull o the Sky F1 podcast: “Obviously it is a great opportunity. If I could choose any team to be with, it’d be this one.

“Because I have direct access to all of the information and how he does it. And how the team does it.

“The main thing - confidence level. Max’s confidence level with that car has got to be higher than anybody’s.

“If you look at Lewis, for example, who is obviously not 100% happy - and hasn’t been - with that car.

“You’ve got to imagine that every time he approaches the start of a qualifying lap - or any lap, really - he’s not going to be 100% confident with what he’s got beneath him, and know what it’s going to do.

“Whereas, with Max is at right now with the Red Bull? The car is in such a good window and he’s so comfortable with it.

“The best way to look at it is; when you look at his qualifying lap from Jeddah, he doesn’t miss an apex. And he gets so close to the wall in places.

“Turn 4, I’m pretty sure that he touched it on the inside. It is extremely difficult to do, to be that precise.

“It’s not just Turn 4. It’s Turn 10, Turn 22 as well, everywhere. He is so precise and it’s because he is so confident with the car.

“It’s those things that really make up lap time.”

Can anyone catch Verstappen this year? Even his teammate Sergio Perez has racked up two consecutive P2 finishes despite the pressure on his own position.

Sky Sports’ Ted Kravitz does not expect Mercedes, McLaren or Ferrari to seriously challenge Verstappen.

“I don’t really hold out any optimism that people will close up,” Kravitz said.

“The Red Bull develop like everybody else. They have their development plans.

“It is only a launch car, a Race 1 car, at the moment.

“I’m expecting them to stretch their legs in Australia. Suzuka? Max could win by that legendary 25 seconds or more.”

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