“Did he have a choice?” Lance Stroll’s F1 commitment questioned

Lance Stroll's commitment to F1 has been questioned by Jacques Villeneuve.

Lance Stroll (CDN) Aston Martin F1 Team AMR24. Formula 1 World Championship, Rd 9, Canadian Grand Prix, Montreal, Canada,
Lance Stroll (CDN) Aston Martin F1 Team AMR24. Formula 1 World…

Lance Stroll’s commitment and passion for F1 has been questioned by fellow Canadian Jacques Villeneuve.

While it hasn’t been officially confirmed by Aston Martin, Stroll is expected to remain with the team alongside Fernando Alonso for 2025.

Stroll has enjoyed a better start to the year, particularly in qualifying, with the head-to-head between the two Aston Martins currently at 4-4.

Rumours were rife during parts of last year that Stroll was questioning his own F1 future - and potentially considering leaving the sport altogether.

Stroll is in a unique position where his father - Lawrence Stroll - owns the team he’s driving for.

So in essence, Stroll is under little pressure to perform, but whether he’d be allowed to quit altogether if he wanted to, has been questioned by Villeneuve.

It’s not the first time the 1997 F1 world champion has been critical of Stroll either.

Speaking during Sky’s Canadian GP coverage, Villeneuve said of Stroll: “Did he ever have a choice? Did he ever want to really become a race car driver? Or was it his father’s dream?

“The father has always been extremely passionate about racing.

“I knew him in my Indy Car days. He always wanted to be a racer himself. He was not allowed, and he’s living his dream.

“Did his son actually have the choice or not?”

“I am trying to imagine Lance saying ‘Dad, I actually don’t want to race’. I am not sure how that would go down.”

Stroll hit back at critics ahead of his home race on Thursday.

The former Williams and Racing Point driver defended his F1 record, pointing out his strong recent run of performances relative to Alonso.

Stroll said: “When I look at pace right now, and speed, like I said, 4-4 in quali. People say he’s super good and I beat him the last few weekends, so take it as you want.”

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