Sir Martin Sorrell, who serves on the board of the firm that owns the commercial rights to F1, has hit out at Bernie Ecclestone over his comments on disgraced F1 team boss Flavio Briatore.

Ecclestone was quoted earlier this week as suggesting that the effective life-time ban handed down to Briatore for his part in the race fixing scandal was too harsh and that a ban of around 18 months would have been more appropriate.

Ecclestone also suggested that Briatore should appeal against the penalty but those quotes - which come a matter of months after the 78-year-old was attacked for stating that Nazi leader Adolf Hitler was a man who would 'get things done' - have angered CVC Capital Partners board member Sorrell, who had attacked Ecclestone over his Hitler comments in June.

"First, we had Hitler did good, now we have cheating is acceptable," he told the Daily Mail. "Where will it end? His latest comments are yet another example, I'm afraid, of Bernie being totally out of touch with reality."

While Renault escaped with a suspended ban for the race fixing incident, the team has since lost sponsorship from both ING and Mutua Madrilena who terminated deals with immediate effect prior to the start of on-track action in Singapore.