Lewis Hamilton could appoint either Mika Hakkinen or Martin Brundle as his new manager.

Following the recent confirmation that the 2008 F1 world champion will no longer be looked after by his father, Anthony, it is being reported that the McLaren man is considering two main candidates for the role.

"McLaren legend and double world champion Mika Hakkinen is one of the leading contenders, along with the British team's ex-driver and BBC commentator Martin Brundle," reports British newspaper, The Daily Mail.

"For now, though, Hamilton says he is not rushing into finding a replacement manager. There are no major deals needing imminent negotiation and, anyway, McLaren are a team who like to cosset their drivers themselves."

Lewis meanwhile is insistent that he has not fallen out with his father: "I am 25 and I am my own man now," he told the 'tabloid paper. "I've been in F1 for quite a while and I wouldn't have been able to do it without my dad. He's done a fantastic job. But he's done that job.

"What I am excited about is having my dad just as my dad. I want to have a manager who can take care of all the stresses and do all the other stuff, and then I want to do "dad things" with my dad. I want to go for a beer with my dad. I want to go bowling with my dad. I want to go on holiday with my dad.

"I've not fully had that relationship since I was a kid and we went radio-controlled car racing -- and did it just for fun.

"Over the past few years we looked around to see if we could bring someone else into the picture with the situation. I just never felt comfortable with anyone else. But it was inevitable there had to be change at some point."

It is understood that Hakkinen and Lewis already enjoy a good relationship, and Hakkinen's former manager and current partner at Aces Management Group, Didier Coton, has confirmed that they would be consider it.

"It is up to Lewis and the team," Coton stated. "He is taken good care of as it is. But if I was asked to get involved I would definitely be interested."

Brundle however is apparently 'non-committal', and while he has experience, having managed David Coulthard, it is uncertain how such a role would affect his position as commentator for the BBC.