Michael Schumacher insists he isn't the only driver to suffer from sickness while using a simulator after reports emerged that the German had been struggling in the machine used by the Mercedes team.

Although denied by the Mercedes team, reports had suggested that Schumacher's struggles last year had been partly down to the fact that the seven-time champion was only able to spend limited time in the simulator.

Schumacher himself has now insisted that there were no problems from using the simulator and said that a number of other drivers suffer a similar issue themselves.

"I think almost all the drivers that I know have had it (motion sickness)," he told the Telegraph. "When we had our first simulator at Ferrari I had exactly this feeling already so it's nothing to do with age. People get used to it by going through certain processes."

The German also said that he didn't feel that the simulator is as vital as some teams make out.

"As far as I understand there are some other top teams that have a simulator but make very little use of it," he said. "For us drivers the main benefit of them would be to get used to a track. But for me personally that has never been an issue. I don't see the big advantage of them."