Williams technical director Sam Michael has revealed that F1's Technical Working Group is to examine ways to simplify the steering wheel of a modern F1 car after concerns were raised over safety in 2011.

The return of KERS and the introduction of a moveable rear wing has increased the workload for drivers on track this year with a number of people have said they were worried about the possible safety implications as drivers focus of working the various controls.

Michael has now revealed that the TWG is set to discuss the matter with FIA safety delegate Charlie Whiting to see if changes can be made, although it is unlikely that anything will happen before the 2012 camapaign.

"The drivers are very loaded in the cockpit, I would agree with that," he told Manipe F1. "There is a lot of stuff that they're doing and it's something we are looking at in the TWG at the moment.

"There are a lot of things that you can do to unload the driver, but it needs agreement of a majority of the teams. I don't think we'll do much for this year, but it's on our list to investigate for 2012."

Michael added that the problem with the new rear wing is the amount of time it is likely to be used, especially when usage is free in free practice and qualifying.

"You probably use the rear wing more," he said. "It's more loading. Even though they coped with it in 2009 [when there were adjustable front wings], they're getting much closer to the limit and it's taking their focus off driving," he continued.

"It's something the GPDA has asked TWG to have a look at, and it's something that Charlie [Whiting] is taking seriously and we're looking at in the meetings at the moment. There's lots of things that drivers do that they potentially don't need to do."

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