Bernie Ecclestone has again proposed the use of sprinklers to create artificial rain in F1 events having claimed that there is growing support for the idea.

While a number of drivers, such as Red Bull Racing's Mark Webber, have stated there opposition for the idea, there has been some public support - with US Grand Prix promoter Tavo Hellmund amongst those to claim that the idea could work [See separate story HERE].

With that in mind, Ecclestone insisted once again that there is no reason why artificial watering of circuits couldn't happen although it would need to be a random move to ensure it mimicked true weather conditions - when teams are unaware of when rain will arrive.

"There's no reason why sprinklers shouldn't happen," he told the BBC. "There's so much support because wet races are always the best by far.

"I thought maybe at the beginning it was a little crazy [to suggest the use of sprinkler systems on F1 tracks] but it's surprising how much support that idea is getting now.

"Providing we do it so nobody would know when it was going to happen, like when it rains, I think it would make for a lot of entertainment.

"Whether or not it would make it more exciting, I don't know. Until you have done these things it's impossible to say but I thought last year was a super season."



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