Romain Grosjean has turned down an offer from Sir Jackie Stewart to act as his mentor through the remainder of his first full season in F1.

Stewart had offered to help guide the Lotus driver, having suggested that the reigning GP2 champion would benefit from a mentor in order to avoid some of the scrapes he has become caught up in this season.

Grosjean however has turned down the offer but said the situation might change in future.

"It's very tight at the moment and I've a honeymoon to do," he was quoted by Sky Sports. "I used to work with a coach and I don't feel that I need one today. It can change week to week, maybe I'll feel I need some help but at the moment we are pretty happy with the way everything is going.

"You always try to get the best but then you get to a level where you don't think you need it any more. But in three months I might say 'I want to work with somebody'. It's how you feel inside.

"To be honest, at the moment I think the people around me, with Gravity, with friends I can have at the track, the management and engineers, everything goes quite well."

Grosjean added that F1 is different to other sports in that there is no need for a coach, with drivers instead able to benefit from telemetry to help them improve their performance.

"We have the data and the computer, which is good for the driving point of view," he said. "Whatever sport, they have a coach to tell them 'do more that, give more slice, go a little bit closer to the ball'...stuff like that.

"We have the computer to say you brake two metres earlier than your tea