Romain Grosjean has escaped without a penalty for his clash with Pedro de la Rosa in qualifying for the Brazilian Grand Prix after stewards deemed it to be a 'driving incident due to the nature of the track'.

Grosjean hit the rear of the de la Rosa's HRT when the Spaniard moved across to take his line through the final corner just as the Lotus driver tried to make a move up the inside - squeezing the Frenchman towards the wall as a result and leading to contact between the pair.

De la Rosa sustained damage to the rear of his car that left him plum last on the grid while Grosjean was forced to pit for a new nose and was then unable to get his tyres up to temperature on his next run and qualified down in 18th spot - falling at the first hurdle in qualifying for the first time.

Although de la Rosa hit out at what he deemed to be a 'dangerous manoeuvre' by Grosjean, stewards elected to take no action over the incident; stating that the collision was down in no small part to the nature of the final corner and that both drivers had been made aware of the potential consequences of such an clash.

"The driver of car 22 [de la Rosa] felt that he was following his normal line, was aware that car 10 [Grosjean] was behind him and was aware of the speed delta," the missive from the stewards read. "The driver of car 10 believed he had been seen by the driver of car 22 and that car 22 was moving aside to the right to allow him through.

"Accordingly, the Stewards consider this a driving incident due to the nature of the track but have advised the drivers, and the drivers agree, that this could have resulted in a very serious outcome."