Fernando Alonso might have claimed the honours in China, but Sebastian Vettel was worryingly dominant when it came to Bahrain at the conclusion of the second pair of Grand Prix races that kicked off this year's F1 world championship. Is one of these multiple title-winning drivers on their way to glory in 2013 - or to crushing disappointment?

Both men must have one eye on the Flying Finn behind them, with more success for Kimi Raikkonen establishing Lotus as a definite contender in this year's campaign. Still missing in action is the McLaren team, with Jenson Button now distinctly unhappy with his own team mate Sergio Perez after events in the most recent race. And meanwhile, Mark Webber is just hoping that his run of unremittingly bad luck stops soon.

That's the stuff everyone knows about, but do you have a firm grip on the slightly trickier details of the most recent two races of 2013? We look beyond the headlines about the winners and seek out some facts you might not have picked up at the time, to see if you really are a master connoisseur of F1 information and trivia.

There are ten questions in all this time around, most of them dealing with things that have happened in this year's races of course - but we haven't forgotten those of you who like a little historical context to their F1 as well. There's nothing too hard this time, and we've even given you some helpful hints here and there - unless they're red herrings to deceive you, of course! We couldn't possibly reveal which is which ...

You'll find the first question waiting for you by CLICKING HERE to go to the first question on the Crash.net quiz reviewing China and Bahrain. And as we always recommend, do try and avoid looking up the answers in Google, Wikipedia or Crash.net's news archives the first time through at least - that way, you'll have a clean conscience when you click on the 'Post your comments' link below to let us all know how you fared.

Formation lap completed? Ready to get underway? Then it's Go! Go! Go! for the quiz. Good luck, and most importantly - have fun!



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