F1 2015 team budgets published - but which team spends most?

An up-to-date list of F1 team budgets has been published, revealing just what each team will spend during the 2015 season
F1 2015 team budgets published - but which team spends most?

The annual list of Formula 1 team budgets has again been published, with the top-four all set to spend in excess of EUR400 million this year, it is claimed.

The information - complied by Business Book GP and reported by Spanish newspaper El Mundo Deportivo earlier this summer - alleges that Red Bull Racing spend the most, with a budget of EUR468.7m, EUR1.3 more than the current pace-setters, Mercedes.

McLaren Honda comes in third, apparently getting through EUR465m this year, while Ferrari has a budget of EUR418m and Williams survives on less than halve that, EUR186.4m. Lotus, Toro Rosso and Force India all spend between EUR139.1m to EUR129.7m, with Sauber then on just over EUR100m and Manor, unsurprisingly on the smallest budget, just EUR83m.

In total all ten teams will spend almost EUR2600m in 2015.

The full breakdown is below - the figures in brackets show income from sponsors, then partners and then from TV/FOM...

F1 2015 team budgets:

1. Red Bull Racing (EUR266m + EUR35.7m + EUR167m) = EUR468.7m
2. Mercedes (EUR122m + EUR212.4m + EUR133m) = EUR467.4m
3. McLaren Honda (EUR144.5m + EUR216.5m + EUR104m) = EUR465m
4. Ferrari (EUR208.5m + EUR34.5m + EUR175m) = EUR418m
5. Williams (EUR52.5m + EUR22.9m + EUR111m) = EUR186.4m
6. Lotus (EUR69.5m + EUR13.6m + EUR56m) = EUR139.1m
7. Toro Rosso (EUR68m + EUR9.45m + EUR60m) = EUR137.45m
8. Force India (EUR49.5m + EUR12.2m + EUR68m) = EUR129.7m
9. Sauber (EUR44m + EUR9.25m + EUR50m) = EUR103.25m
10. Manor (EUR0.5m + EUR32.5m + EUR50m) = EUR83m

TOTALS: (EUR1025m + EUR599m +EUR974m) = EUR2598m

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