Daniel Ricciardo says he wants his own Red Bull Racing team-mate Daniil Kvyat to apologise to him after the pair were involved in a race one incident that prevented either from scoring.

Kvyat struck Sebastian Vettel under braking for turn two around the Sochi Autodrom, which in turn pushed the Ferrari into Ricciardo's Red Bull to the outside of him, damaging his front-wing.

Forcing Ricciardo and Kvyat - who then struck Vettel for a second time around turn three - to pit at the end of the opening lap, neither recovered ground after a subsequent erroneous strategic move to use medium tyres saw both pit again. The pair would eventually end the race 11th and 15th.

Upset to have his race ruined by an incident triggered by the Russian, Ricciardo says he will be expecting an apology from his team-mate.

"I expect an apology, put it that way," he said. "He owes it to a few people today, so let's see. I saw a bit of a replay during the safety car I was looking at the screens trying to figure out what happened.

"I had a feeling that's what happened, and that's what it looked like for now. So I will watch it again but it seems that sort of had us over today.

When asked whether he feels Kvyat needs 'calming down', Ricciardo replied 'we will see, it is up to him'.

Kvyat, meanwhile, says he understands the upset from Ricciardo and Vettel, adding he will take the criticism on the chin.

"I understand, I think probably the whole paddock will want an apology from me. But we will speak inside the team about these things after analysing everything. It is easy to talk now, very easy to attack me. Go on, attack me, no problem."