Red Bull Racing's Daniel Ricciardo says he will only do a 'Shoey' this weekend if he wins the Singapore Grand Prix.

Ricciardo did his first 'Shoey' after he finished runner-up in the German Grand Prix at the end of July, before getting ex-F1 driver and podium interviewer Mark Webber in on the act more recently in Belgium, again when he was second. Valentino Rossi also did it last weekend, when he was second at Misano, although Jack Miller was the first to do it in MotoGP after winning at Assen at the end of June.

Asked what the craze is all about, Ricciardo said it was an "Australian tradition".

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"I didn't start it. Well I guess I started it in Formula One, as far as I know, but not worldwide," he said. "So it was basically a few loose Aussies, at least from what I saw. The Madhui's are surfers and fishermen, just loose guys - they basically travel the world, fishing, surfing and whatever basically. They like to drink a bit of beer and what not and that is sort of where the 'Shoey' began and on their travels they would get people to do it as well.

"It is just a bit of a laugh and I know Jack Miller knows a few of the guys from the Madhui's, so when he got his win in Assen I suspected he was going to do it and he did it. Then I was like, I will keep the sort of Australian tradition going - and now Valentino has gotten in on the mix too. I saw I Instagram yesterday and he said: "Everyone loves a 'Shoey'..." and then he said: "Delicious" and all that. I think it is just a bit of fun and everyone is enjoying it.

"Honestly if the sparkling wine is cold then it tastes good and normally it is cold on the podium. If it is warm then sure you would get the sweat and that through it, but the cold taste kills the bad stuff! So it is delicious as I said..."

"Will I do it this Sunday if I am on the podium?" he added, "if I win yeah [I will do a 'Shoey']. If it is just a second or third probably not now. But for a victory, I'd expect to see a few people do it with me!"

Meanwhile, Ricciardo played down expectations he is one of the favourites this weekend, despite the fact he came so close to winning in Monaco back in May, a track regarded as similar to the Marina Bay Street Circuit, and despite his hit-rate in the Lion City, with two podiums to his name.

"I have got a good chance for a top-ten - absolutely. That is about it," he replied.

Pressed on if it is a case of "unfinished business" after a pit blunder cost him that victory in Monte Carlo, he replied: "It is obviously probably the next closest track to Monaco. So, for sure we look at it as a good chance to try and get the victory I am after this season," he conceded.

"With the team, I think since Monaco a lot of things have been working better, in terms of we have executed it a lot more on a Sunday and I have left Sunday feeling a lot happier in the last handful of races. That has been good on both sides. I also feel I have executed good things on Sunday as well, but, yeah let's see. I am not going to put too much pressure on myself or them for this weekend. But I think deep down we obviously want to win. I believe we are a group of winners and if there is a bit of pressure on us to try and get it done this weekend, I think we will thrive off that. Let's see what happens.

"I am definitely prepared and excited. I don't know what I am paying for a top-ten, but it is safe money."

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