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Fernando Alonso feels he was the latest victim of a driver under pressure and trying to prove himself to his Formula 1 team after Daniil Kvyat crashed into him at the first corner and ended his race.

The McLaren-Honda driver made a solid getaway at the start by getting past the slow-starting Carlos Sainz and Max Verstappen but under braking into the first corner he was hit in the rear by Kvyat who had locked up. Alonso was left powerless to stop his car sliding into Verstappen who on the outside turning in to make the corner.

The collision retired both Verstappen and Alonso, while Kvyat was hit with a drive through penalty and eventually finished last of the remaining cars, and a frustrated Alonso says the Russian's urgency to prove his worth at Toro Rosso may have contributed to his overly aggressive start.

"It was nothing in our hands. We did a good start again, we took the benefit from Carlos Sainz and Max Verstappen having bad starts so we were already P10 and then I arrived to the first corner and the guys behind arrived too quick," Alonso said. "I saw someone locking at the rear and in the mirror. They could not stop the car.

"We know that it is tricky from the middle of the pack and at the back. At the first corner of the first lap it's not necessary to gain this extra metres but the guys behind they need to sometimes prove their seats and their futures, they risk a little bit too much."

Kvyat has also been slapped with two penalty points to increase his total to seven point in the past 12 months.


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