More details emerge about the management changes at the Milton Keynes based Jaguar concern with Guenther Steiner being replaced at the helm by David Pitchforth.

Jaguar spokesman Nav Sidhu, reported on Reuters explained the situation. "As of this morning, Guenther Steiner has relinquished his position as managing director of Jaguar Racing."

Steiner had moved to the troubled team after playing a large part in Ford's Focus rally campaign. According to Sidhu Steiner is having talks with the team regarding the "direction of the new organisational structure and his subsequent involvement."

Despite his relatively short tenure at the top of Jaguar Steiner was credited with a worthwhile contribution. "He has relinquished his responsibilities as MD but has done nothing wrong," Sidhu said. "This organisation is in significantly better shape now than when he joined. Guenther has clearly laid down the engineering baseline that David will now aim to take on to the next level."

With some seventy job losses at the Jaguar team, the departure of Nikki Lauda from the helm and the announcement that the R4 will be launched later than initially expected, things don't look too promising, even at this early stage, for new drivers Mark Webber and Antonio Pizzonia.

Pitchforth's area of expertise is aerodynamics, an area where the R3 was particularly poor, and he has supervised the building of some four wind tunnels in his time and indeed was plucked from his position as MD of the Auto Research centre in the United States to be Jaguars 'temporary' (are any Jaguar positions anything but temporary?) head of aerodynamics.



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