Minardi's good weekend off track at the Monaco Grand Prix continued on Saturday, as it followed the news that commercial partners Trust International and Muermans Groep had increased their commitment to the team by announcing that hedge fund management company, Quadriga, is also to step up its involvement.

Reflecting the enhanced relationship, Quadriga's Superfund brand logo will now appear on the engine covers of the two European Minardi entries of Justin Wilson and Jos Verstappen, as well as continuing in existing positions on the bargeboards and the leading edges of the sidepods.

"Once again, one of our existing commercial partners has demonstrated a continuing belief in, and commitment to, the team by increasing its investment," said delighted team boss Paul Stoddart, "I sincerely want to thank Christian Baha and everyone at Quadriga for this vote of confidence in the team, particularly at a time when we are trying hard to increase our overall competitiveness. From a brand exposure point of view, it is difficult to imagine a better venue than Monaco - which is undoubtedly the most glamorous event on the Formula One calendar - to debut the new Superfund identification on the cars."

Sports sponsorship, and in particular, motor racing, continues to play an important role in Quadriga's marketing strategy and this year's primary marketing goals of establishing Superfund as the new trademark for all Quadriga funds has bloomed with involvement not only in F1, but also in F3, F3000 and the Nissan World Series..

"Earlier this month, Quadriga staged a successful event in Vienna, at which we were proud to present all the teams and drivers racing under the Superfund banner this season," commented company CEO Baha, "We feel strongly that motor racing reflects many of the challenges of the world of investing and, as such, provides an excellent platform to promote the company and to generate awareness of its products.

"We also identify strongly with the fighting spirit that has been demonstrated by the Minardi organisation since it first entered Formula One, and are pleased to announce our increased support for the team this weekend in the wonderful surroundings of Monaco."