Jordan Ford's Ralph Firman and Giancarlo Fisichella finished the European Grand Prix in 11th and 12th places yesterday after a difficult race in which they had to contend with considerable oversteer, both drivers reporting that the car's balance was affected by track conditions which differed greatly from Saturday when the cars were set up.

The team's three-stop strategy was not fruitful and Fisichella had to stop for a fourth time two laps before the end because of a puncture to his right rear tyre.

"My launch control didn't work very well at the start and the engine nearly stalled so I lost a few places," said Fisi, "I had understeer for a couple of laps and then huge oversteer for the rest of the race which made it very difficult to make up time. Three stops maybe wasn't the best strategy, we didn't get the best car balance and we were not quick enough."

"I had a good start and first couple of corners, but straight away the circuit was very different from Saturday," continued Firman, "The car had oversteer and I struggled with that through the whole race - even when the circuit picked up grip we didn't make up any lap time, which is obviously quite disappointing. It was a very difficult race so I'm looking ahead to the next one."

Gary Anderson, director of race and test engineering, added: "That was a tough race. Three stops here penalised us - all the cars that did three stops ended up together in the results so that proves something about the strategy. We thought it was worth a shot to see if we could pull anything out of it, but it didn't work. I'm impressed with our reliability, but the reality is we need to be faster to score points."

Eddie Jordan, team boss, concluded: "Obviously it's disappointing to work so hard and not get anything in return, but it was positive to have two reliable cars get to the finish. We are doing everything in our power to get ourselves into a better position."